Wednesday Night Mixed Competition

The Draw

Competition 1, 2021. 

This is a ten week, two round, competition for Divisions Elite, 1 and 3. Those three Divisions will then play only one wet match, on 21 April 2021, which will be the replay of the match scheduled for 27th January 2021, as per the current draw, then a final between the teams coming in first and second.

FOR DIVISION 2 ONLY,  the finals are scheduled to be played on 21/4/2021.

While the finals are being played for Division 2, there will be fun playoffs, as detailed on the home page. 

There will be social play on both Wednesdays in the school holidays, costing $7 per player, payable at the proshop. 

Personalised draw for: Telopea 2 ANNETTE

24/3/2021 Away Koala 1 ROBYN PHP court 5Robyn T 0425-253-200
3/2/2021 Home Telopea 1 DEB PHP court 13Deb C 0438-646-524
10/2/2021 Home Brigalow 2 JOHN PHP court 13John P 0422-727-010
17/2/2021 Away Brigalow 1 LEISA PHP court 11Leisa O 0418-869-891
24/2/2021 Home Banksia 1 MAREE PHP court 13Maree D 0433-464-050
3/3/2021 Away Banksia 2 HOADIES PHP court 3Val T 0409-905-473
10/3/2021 Home Koala 2 JENNY PHP court 13Jenny G 0407-076-854