Wednesday Night Mixed Competition

Competition dates

19th October - New Competition started

All Teams / Draw / Dates and all other information can be found on with each player's individual Login Details

Court Payment

Payment of $40 to the pro-shop for your court must be made prior to taking the court at 7.30pm.

Upon paying, the home team will receive the balls and the away team will receive the scorecard. 

The pro-shop closes at 8.00pm.

Parking at Pennant Hills

Please do not park in the staff car spaces.  They are reserved seven days/nights a week, and are allocated for staff, executives and volunteers ONLY. 

Problems getting players for round matches

If your team is struggling to get players for the regular matches (NOT SEMIS OR FINALS), please try the following, in the following order:

1. Phone all the Pool Players graded for your division or lower.

2. Ring the other captains in your division (or a lower division) in case one of them has a player who is rostered off and can play for you.

3. Borrow a player from another ETDTA competition, provided that person is of a similar playing standard. 

The member will be deemed to have registered within that team upon the second time they play for the team.

4. Get a friend to play as a One-Time-Player. (OTPs can now play once in each competition without having to become ETDTA members).

5. As a last resort - ring your Divisional Secretary or the Competition Secretary to see if they have a solution.

6. If you try all of this and you still cannot get a player, then play with just 3 players. The teams will then get to play 32 games on the night. You have to pay court hire if you forfeit, so you should play as many sets as you can and then you can play a few sets of social tennis to get your money's worth.

Wednesday Night Mixed Competition - Synopsis

Secretary: Marina - 0417-787-020

Wednesday nights from 7:30 to 10:30 pm - 2 ladies and 2 men per team play each night. Each lady plays 4 sets being 2 ladies doubles and 2 mixed doubles. Each man plays 2 mens doubles and 2 mixed doubles. 8 sets are played on the night (time permitting) with each set being best of 8 games with sudden death point on the first deuce point. Semi-finals and Finals have the sudden death point played on the second deuce point. As a rule, there is no play during NSW public school holidays. Costs are as advertised for team registration each competition and each player must also be a member of ETDTA.  Nightly fees are approximately $10 per night per player.

Matches are played at Pennant Hills Tennis Centre, Britannia Street, Pennant Hills