Wednesday Night Mixed Competition

Social Nights and Grading Nights

There are three social/grading nights scheduled before the next competition commences. If you are interested in joining the competition, please come along to as many as you can. The cost is $7 per night.

Social tennis and Grading on Wednesdays 7th April 2021 and 14th April 2021 (in the School Holidays), 

with 8 courts having been set aside for this.

Social tennis and Grading on Wednesday 28th April 2021 (while the finals are being played for Divisions Elite, 1 and 3). There will be 10 courts available for this.

New players and friends are welcome. Any questions? Call Robyn 0425-253-200.

Checking In

Remember to check-in to our Centre with our QR Code


1.5 metre distancing, regular hand washing and hand cleaning, no handshaking, no handing over of balls, no shared food. 

Next Competition

The next competition is expected to commence Wednesday 5th May 2021.

Please complete your Entry Forms and submit them, with payment, by Wednesday 21 April 2021. 

This will be a normal length competition, not a short one. The Entry Forms are available on the web page now, but please note that the cost is $110 per team. The proshop will replace the form on the webpage ASAP with one with the correct price.

This Competition

The competition commenced on Wednesday 27 Jan 2021, and is scheduled to finish 28th April, 2021. 

Please check the Pool List on this site when requiring players, as it changes regularly!

Can all teams think about the next competition, the Entries are due Wednesday 21 April 2021. We hope to have the competition increase in size again!

Results of Semifinals Div 2 ONLY

The results of the Division 2 semifinals, played Wednesday 31 March 2021, are:

Koala 2 (Jenny)    4.5/33     def     Brigalow 2 (John)  3.5/26

Banksia 2 (Hoadies)    4.5/32     def    Koala 1 (Robyn)    3.5/32

Draw for Finals for Division 2 ONLY

Division 2 ONLY will play Finals on 21st April, 2021. There will also be fun playoffs for the other six teams in Division 2, so that they continue to get enough tennis until the new competition commences in May.


    Koala 2 (Jenny)  v     Banksia 2 (Hoadies) on Brigalow (Court 11)

Fun Matches

Koala 1 (Robyn)   v   Brigalow 2 (John)  on Banksia (Court 3)

Brigalow 1 (Leisa)  v   Telopea 1 (Deb)  on Telopea (Court 13)

Banksia 1 (Maree)   v  Telopea 2  (Annette)  on Koala (Court 5)

These are fun playoffs, and if you have trouble getting your team to agree to play, please use pool players, friends, players from other teams, anyone, so we have four people in each team. This could be an opportunity to source new players for your team and the competition! The cost for these will be $40 per team, and new balls will be supplied.

Can all teams think about the next competition, the Entries are due Wednesday 21/4/2021. Entry Forms with the correct Entry Fee will be available on the web pages shortly, but in the mean time, you can still use the old ones on those pages, but please note that the next competition will be a long competition, the same as we had previously, and that the cost is $110 per team (not $60 per team).

Rules for Semis and Finals

PLEASE NOTE:  Only registered team players who have taken part in at least two (2) matches with that team are eligible to play in the final series of matches. If you cannot field a team with players who are registered in your team, you must speak to the Competition Secretary so that you can be allocated a suitable player as a substitute.

The competition committee will nominate the higher scoring team in each match as the home team and they will collect the card and the balls. A toss will decide the choice of serving or receiving. To avoid giving either team the advantage, the teams will bring a pre-numbered list of their players (1-4) to write on the card. If this list is not complete then each team is to write on the folded card so the order of players of opposing team cannot be seen.

 Matches are to be continued until there is a result. If there is no result by 10.30pm, then play must continue until a winner is determined.

 Matches are decided on games won, which is 33 games, and if games are equal, then on sets.  If, after 8 sets have been played, the games and sets are equal, one tie-breaker game shall be played between the pairs which play the last set.  The winner shall be declared the winners of the match.


 Good luck everyone and have fun.


Please do not park in the staff car spaces.  They are reserved seven days/nights a week, and are allocated for staff, executives and volunteers ONLY. 

Problems getting players for round matches

If your team is struggling to get players for the regular matches (NOT SEMIS OR FINALS), please try the following, in the following order:

1. Phone all the Pool Players graded for your division or lower.

2. Ring the other captains in your division (or a lower division) in case one of them has a player who is rostered off and can play for you.

3. Borrow a player from another ETDTA competition, provided that person is of a similar playing standard. 

Each person can be borrowed a maximum of two times, so would have to be recorded as a Late Registration if used for a third time.

4. Get a friend to play as a One-Time-Player. (OTPs can now play once in each competition without having to become ETDTA members).

5. As a last resort - ring your Divisional Secretary or the Competition Secretary to see if they have a solution.

6. If you try all of this and you still cannot get a player, then play with just 3 players. The teams will then get to play 32 games on the night. You have to pay court hire if you forfeit, so you should play as many sets as you can and then you can play a few sets of social tennis to get your money's worth.

Wednesday Night Mixed Competition - Synopsis

Secretary: Robyn THOMPSON - 0425 253 200 -

Wednesday nights from 7:30 to 10:30 pm - 2 ladies and 2 men per team play each night. Each lady plays 4 sets being 2 ladies doubles and 2 mixed doubles. Each man plays 2 mens doubles and 2 mixed doubles. 8 sets are played on the night (time permitting) with each set being best of 8 games with sudden death point on the first deuce point. Semi-finals and Finals have the sudden death point played on the second deuce point. As a rule, there is no play during NSW public school holidays. Costs are as advertised for team registration each competition and each player must also be a member of ETDTA.  Nightly fees are approximately $10 per night per player.

Matches are played at Pennant Hills Tennis Centre, Britannia Street, Pennant Hills